Freemasonry Explained

What Freemasonry is?
Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest Fraternity. Its history and tradition date to antiquity. Its singular purpose is to make good men better. Its bonds of friendship, compassion and brotherly love have survived even the most devise political, military and religious conflicts through the centuries. Freemasonry is neither a forum nor a place for worship. Instead, it is a friend of all religions which are based on the belief in one God.
What Freemasons do?
Freemasons are respectable citizens who are taught to conform to the moral laws of society and to abide by the laws of the government under which they live. They are men of charity and good works. They remain unchallenged as “the world’s greatest philanthropy!
Freemasonry is proud of its philosophy and practice of “making good men better”. Only individuals believed to be of the finest character are favorably considered for membership. Every petitioner must advocate his belief in the existence of a Supreme Being (atheists are not accepted into the Fraternity).
Masonic Degrees
The Candidate attends three meetings to receive the three Masonic Degrees, concluding with the Third (or Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. It is here where the principles of Freemasonry are taught and where the new member learns that his family and his own necessary vocations are to be considered above Freemasonry. Every Master Mason is welcomed as a “Brother” in any of the thousands of Regular Masonic Lodges throughout the world.
The Lodge
The Masonic Lodges usually meet once a month to conduct regular business and vote upon Petitions for membership. It is here where the bonds of friendship and fellowship are strengthened.